About us

France-Bangladesh Economic Chamber (in French: « Chambre Economque (CEFB)), original denomination of which was “France-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry” was established in 2002 in Paris (France) by Mr. Kazi Enayet ULLAH, Franco-Bangladeshi businessman and Community leader in order to boost the business and social exchanges between France, the European Union and Bangladesh in a close cooperation with most relevant public and private actors.

In 2012, after ten years of successful activity, the organization, strong with its substantial experience and enjoying positive reputation of a serious interlocutor, attentive to the specific needs of the business community, operating, after 2007 in a fragile and extremely changing economic environment in Europe and Bangladesh, has been refeatured into a modern, interstate structure “France-Bangladesh Economic Chamber” with a wider range of activities based on the new vision of social approach and responsible business conduct.

The main objective of CEFB is to promote economic, political, diplomatic, industrial, social and cultural relations between the French Republic and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Besides, the organization aims to practically contribute to the bilateral commercial interstate cooperation between the two Governments and stimulate and support the reconciliation between the public and private initiatives in order to set up successful bilateral mid- and long-term projects in both countries.

CEFB also takes the responsibility to commercially and socially represent and provide all necessary technical support, legal and logistic assistance to the local businesses, independently on their structure (small, medium, big entrepreneurship) and sector of activity, with the main objective to increase the mutual foreign direct investment in the national economies of France and Bangladesh.

Talking about general, social aspects of its activity, the specific mission of CEFB is to work for a better political, economic, social and cultural dialog between the mentioned countries in order to create a positive environment where science, research, industry and culture could find new inspiration for a closer reconciliation of the two nations.

In particular, CEFB serves to provide to the business community in France and Bangladesh a personified range of professional training and objective practical information received from the first hands of its partners (Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Industry, Labor and Overseas Expatriates, specific professional associations in both countries and generally in Europe and worldwide).

A special part of its activity consists in the professional promotion of the social and responsible business in France and Bangladesh. CEFB is the regular participant of the OECD’s annual “Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct”. The organisation has established a constructive dialog with international institutions (EU Parliament, International Organization for Migration, International Labor Organisation, OECD, etc.), national partners such as French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but aslo Ministry of Commerce, Foreign Affairs and Overseas of Bangladesh, Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers’ and Exporters’ Association (BGMEA),  Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers’ and Exporters’ Association (BKMEA), Banglacraft, Dhaka Women Chamber of Commerce and Indstry (DWCCI), diplomatic missions of Bangladesh in Europe, foreign diplomatic missions in France, Europe and Bangladesh and others.

CEFB definitely plays a vital role for the Bangladeshi Community’s development in France and strongly contributes to the development of the social and cultural projects between France and Bangladesh: the annual celebration of BoishakhiMela (BanglarMela) in France, the contribution to the re-establishment in 2013 of “Association France-Bangladesh (AFB)” (created in Paris in 1972) oralso technical support for the production of the documentary film on the Great Liberation War 1971 “Birth of a Flag” (in French “Naissance d’un Drapeau”) are among significant initiatives of CEFB.

Since its beginning, alongside with its international, French, European and national business and social partners, CEFB is morally committed and practically oriented to build a Beautiful Bangladesh.